Portraits with Anna Pazderski Today I’d like to share some of the portraits I did with aspiring actress/model Anna Pazderski, who’s based here in Seoul, South Korea. We met through a meet up group and did some shooting at Seoul Forest last August. Through my new projects with Talk Photography, which you may remember through various interviews and news that have since moved from this website, I’ve been working increasing to development something that all photographers, especially newer photographers can be inspired by. The main part of the project is turning Talk Photography into a magazine and hosting it on a new website. The launch of the first issue was very successful thus far and can be seen there. In the process of increasing efforts on such projects, I’ve lagged behind on my personal photography projects and uploading them to this website. Well, I have still done photography, but it’s just been shared with the individuals involved instead of shared with all of you on social media, on this blog, or updated on my sites portfolios. OK, so let’s get down to it. We met up on an afternoon with Anna and the group of photographers and  models to do […] Read More
Easy Izzy Photography with Model Natasha Fernandez A short film on a photoshoot we were working on together in Seoul What’s up everyone, I’m here with a little video that I threw together with my buddy Izzy, of Easy Izzy Photography when we were doing a photoshoot with blogger Natasha Fernandez of TravelandTash. I have some video projects coming up in the near future, so to get some practice I stopped photographing and started filming. This is the result of the work I did that afternoon in Seoul, and the hours of editing, clipping, trimming, rearranging, music finding and adjusting to give me a final video that I’m quite proud of. I’d love to know your thoughts on the video, did you like it? Were there some suggestions you would give? I’d love to hear down in the comments below. Really we had an excellent time shooting, it was lots of fun and I had a great time experimenting and working with the clips to compile the final video. You can check out my blog and photographs of Tasha here. You can catch Izzy on his website and or his Instagram. And also hit up Tasha’s travel blog and or […] Read More
Photoshoot with Blogger Natasha Fernandez A blog on the afternoon shooting at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul Alright so, last week we headed out to shoot with Seoul Blogger Natasha Fernandez of Travelandtash. She contacted me after seeing some of my other photoshoots in the Seoul area, curious about setting something up together. We originally were going to try a different location for the shoot since I’ve shot in the DDP multiple times, however it was an iffy day with the forecast and we headed to the plaza to shoot with some overhead shelter. I brought along a friend of mine, Izzy Schreiber, who’s another local photographer here in Seoul. Read More
Dark Alley Portraits with Eric Banuelos Hello friends, I’m terribly behind on sharing my own recent work, but I’m here to tell you about some dark alley portraits that I did with our friend, Eric Banuelos. You’ll likely remember Eric from a post I did on another shoot with him, as well as one that I did with him and Korean Model Jisu Kim. Eric wanted to get some more practice modelling and asked me if we could meet up and try something out. I took the opportunity to also experiment Read More
Friday Night Street Shooting Hello all, so this weekend I’m not able to get out for any type of street shooting or other photography, I have plans with the family and such. But before taking a snooze I thought I’d share a quick blog about some street shooting I did a couple weeks back. This was with my friends Edward, and Eric. Edward came out to try practice with me doing some street, and you may remember Eric, he’s not photographing but rather joined to hang out. He’s starting out as a model and basically wants to learn the ins and outs. It ended out being more about hanging out and even having a slice of pizza, a nice American style slice in the Hongdae University area. We decided that would try out asking people for street portraits. This tended to be very difficult. Many Koreans shy away from having their photo taken on the street, and we had a hard time explaining in Korean, who we were, what we were doing and why we wanted to photograph them in the few seconds they paid us attention. I was turned down a few times, and we were more or less […] Read More
Night Flash Photography with our Son So a couple weeks back we went out for a little kick board action for our son and I decided to play around with some night flash photography. In an area with not much for light, and an inexpensive setup only made the quest that more challenging. Over all though, I was playing around and testing what I would be able to come up with all the while playing with my son and spending time with the family. If you haven’t already guessed so a lot of the shots that I decided to keep are high contrast, black and white photographs. A lot feature motion blur as I’m running along my son as he flies by to get the shot. Sometimes it’s hit and miss with the composition, but a lot of the time I can guess the movements that he’s making, where he’s going to be and when allowing me to set up to have a good idea where to shoot from. It’s way to dark and way too fast for even thinking of using any kind of auto-focus, thus predicting where and when he’s going to pass by I needed to zone […] Read More
Model Photoshoot with Jisu Kim and Eric Banuelos You may recall I chatted a lot this past week about last weeks meet up and model photoshoot with several models here in Seoul. Among whom I worked with were Jisu Kim, and Eric Bañuelos. If you missed them feel free to go and check them out and come back. As I mentioned in those posts I was working with Eric doing some shots, I broke out my flash to get a clearer background with much more detail at F/8 and still have his face nice lit up well. Jisu was doing some work with another photographer right along the same wall we were working on. AH HA! I great idea came to me, coupling the models up might make for a great image here. I asked both models if they’re comfortable doing some shots together. Both agreed. NO, They’re not a real couple. But they’re both serious about doing modelling, so they were willing and it worked well. We started out having Jisu lean back on Eric, and played around with a few shots. I didn’t really even edit much of the photographs for that setup, as it was nice, but […] Read More
Photoshoot with Model Jisu Kim The other model that I was able to shoot with last week was Jisu Kim, whom I had a really nice time shooting with. I actually shot with her in the day with the rest of our meet up group, and then Jisu agreed to shoot a little more afterwards. So we did some shots in the Dongdaemun Design plaza after the sun went down with the lights of the building. To start out Jisu along with the others joined us in the afternoon. So I did some shooting with her to get started, right in the plaza’s main area. Jisu’s really good at modelling, she was very easy to work with. After testing around a little bit I wanted to try a shot with an umbrella, someone brought a clear umbrella which we were able to utilize. We were able to get a gorgeous shot with her having the umbrella basically as a backdrop. I colour graded it with a more moody feel to it. With the earrings, Jisu’s look, the umbrella, the colouring I really love the photograph I was able to create with here. We moved on to testing out, and playing […] Read More
Photoshoot with Model Eric Banuelos On our meet up with local models here in Seoul, was Eric Banuelos, a pretty cool guy just getting interesting and started with modelling. We’re actually the same age, both ‘foreigners’, teaching English and living here in Korea, so we had lots to chat about. We started out taking some shots at the Namsan park wall, actually our second location, but my first and only chance shooting with Eric. We chatted a bit and took some shots. Our time together was quite limited so we didn’t capture too many shots. But hopefully I’ll be able to create something awesome with him in the future. We climbed up next to the wall, (there were little steps), looking for a decent vantage point to get a shot. A lot of it was just experimenting and finding a good set up. I even broke out the flash to get more of the background without blowing it out at f/8, as well as capture him without casting him in shadow. Here are a couple of the shots from the afternoon. In a similar setup I was able to call over one of the other models we were working with […] Read More
Photoshoot with Model Jay Bridges To continue on with the photoshoots from last Saturday, I worked with model Jay Bridges, who’s a model here in Seoul, South Korea. He’s quite fit, and brought several changes of clothes with him. He was very prepared to say the least, every time I’d be changing a lens or something it seems it was time for him to change his cloths. The DDP is a wonderful place to do photography in, the architecture provides lots of neat opportunities. The patterns of the walls of the building served very well as backdrops, which we surely utilized. The geometry also allowed us to create some very interesting shots including the following, which I shot from a lower stance to give him that powerful, superman feel. The shapes in the background and even the stripes on his shirt did wonders for the photographs and proved perfect for black and white. We continued on changing up the location in a different part of the same building, where we utilized the railings for some shots as well. The weather that day was not really that great, there was rain on and off, and overcast. At one point the rain […] Read More