Anang Hanafi photographing life on streets of Malaysia Interview with the hobbyist street photographer on his work Welcome back to our Talk photography series, we’re here to day with Anang Hanafi from Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. He’s going to share with us some of his street photography from his homeland. Don’t forget to leave him a comment and subscribe after reading it over to receive regular inspiration from photographers creating amazing imagery. Read More
On the Streets with Affendi Haluan Kanan An interview with the Malaysia based street photographer We had a great opportunity to chat with Malaysian street photographer Affendi Haluan Kanan following the release of some interviews with friends of his. After chatting and going through some of his images we brought him on for an interview to share his stories and experiences. The one thing we can be sure of is every photographer has his own set of eyes, they see differently even if they’re from the same country, city, or even town. They have their own unique stories and experiences. And those their own unique photographs from the street. Have a look at Affendi’s photography, then Kevin Lim, or Marvin Buhian, they’re all from the same country, they’ve all walked down the same streets Read More
Life on the Streets of Malaysia with Agoes Alwie An interview with Kuala Lumpur based Street Photographer We are here with Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia based street photographer, Agoes Alwie with an interesting look into his street photography street and insights into his work and thoughts. Welcome Agoes, we’re happy that you’ve come on for an interview could you tell us a bit about your self and your photography?   “Hi, my name is Agoes Alwie, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was appointed as one of the Nikon Malaysian ‘ambassador’s’ who are also known as D-photographers, in May 2017. I was also selected as the Nikon Club Malaysia Photographer of the Month in January 2015. Even winning a few local photo contests and being a  finalist of EYE-EM Photo Awards’s in 2016. I’ve had the opportunity to present several talks at events on street photography, locally. I am a founder of Street To Street (S2S), Malaysia, where we organized a photography events such as exhibitions, talks and other events for sharing. Street To Street was appointed by Malaysia Tourism Centre, KL as their strategic partner under National Blue Ocean Strategy(NBOS) since October 2016. Which made me a curator for their Art […] Read More
An Adventure with Travel Photographer Yudy Zukara An interview on his work and stories We’re here today with Malaysia based travel photographer, Yudy Zukara. He’s agreed to come on for an interview and to share with us his photography, stories and insights. We hope you’re ready for a terrific adventure through East Asia, as this is where Yudy takes us. Thank you for joining us today, could you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in photography? “I was born on December 15th, 1977 in Terengganu, the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia which is endowed with a wealth of charming and refreshing natural landscapes. Hence the desire of capturing these panoramas came about since I was small. As a Kampong boy, I could never afford a camera until my first purchase of my first digital Canon 500D in 2007. I began to take photography seriously since then.  Read More
Street Photography with Zamri Jasi An interview with the Malaysian based street photographer I met and chatted with Zamri Jasi about his street photography in Malaysia after  interviewing a couple of his photography friends here on Talk Photography. Namely Marvin Buhian and Kevin Lim. I took a deeper look into Zamri’s collection and for sure was not disappointed. For this reason I think you won’t be disappointed either! He’s doing some great work and he’s got some stories and advice for us today as well as some beautiful images. Thank you for joining us on Talk Photography today, we appreciate the street work you’re doing and would like to get to know you a little better. Could you introduce yourself for us and tell about how you got started in photography, and then street photography? “My name is zamri jasi, originally from Pahang, Malaysia. In fact I can’t remember just when I started getting into photography. In 2013 I first followed a street photography outing  from street photography Malaysia group. From there I started attending outings for street photography and portraits. I also began taking classes in photography both free and paid classes. As well as joining  outings with other photographers, […] Read More
Travel Photography with Sinsee Ho We welcome Sinsee Ho, from Malaysia to share with us her street photography in her homeland as well as her travel photography among the various countries she’s visited. She’s doing excellent work in some of the most beautiful places across Asia. We just had to ask her to share with us and have an interview for Talk Photography. We’re sure you’ll also find her work inspiring. Thank you for joining us today Sinsee, to start could you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in photography? “I’m in talent sourcing and used to blog regularly on work related matters. To spice things up a bit, I thought inserting some photos shot by myself would be a good idea. So I got myself a compact camera and not long after, a Canon 7D. I fell in love with the dslr instantly. That was year 2010. Read More
The Kumbh Mela Photography Project and interview with Dr. Amit Bijon Dutta We had a little chat with Dr. Amit Bijon Dutta about his photography and projects in his homeland, India, in particular his project about the Kumbh Mela, a religious celebration held every 3 years. We invited him to share some of his photographs, and thoughts, as well as tips for those engaging with people on the street, attempting projects of their own, or planning a photography trip to India. So let’s get right into it. Thank you for joining us for an interview Amit Bijon Dutta. Can you tell us about yourself and how you got started in photography? What type of photography do you enjoy? “By profession I am a Civil Engineer, with a Doctorate in Management & by passion I’m a self taught photographer. Arts & creativity for me has always been a part of me, the way to be expressive, and I have chosen Photography as an option to flash my excellence  and furnishing my dream of following my passion for the art of photography. Photography for me, was capturing memories using my father’s Nikon Reel camera. Later in life after gifting myself a Nikon DSLR […] Read More
Street Photography around the World This is street photography that we’ve compiled from photographers all over the world. We’re constantly adding more, looking for new and upcoming photographers to collaborate with for projects and interviews to showcase what they do and where they live in world. We share the passion of shooting on the streets in cities all over the world and presenting our art work. Stories of our photographers, their experiences, their tips, their work will inspire the future generation of photographers as well as those of us already involved with the practice. It’s my goal that this inspiration reaches many and inspires them to continue creating despite challenges they face in life, and motivate them not to give up what they love doing. My hope is that others will discover this form of art, and awaken a passion for it enabling them to pick up their craft and keep at it. I’m Don MacDonell, I started this project, Talk Photography, last year, and have continued on working at it. I’m going to be taking to the streets locally with fellow photographers to embark on projects together, and eventually spread into other locations, cities and countries. Get involved! I’m […] Read More
Street photography with Trevor Gwin An interview with the England based photographer We welcome you back dear readers for a beautiful interview with Trevor Gwin on his street photography near Manchester, England. We’re happy to have him join us to share his stories, experiences and beautiful imagery. Without further ado let’s jump to it. Thank you so much Trevor for agreeing to join us for an interview. We’re very intrigued by your story and street photography. To get started could you introduce yourself and tell us about how you got started in photography, and then into street photography? “My name is Trevor Gwin, I’m a Street Photographer from Burnley in Lancashire, England although much of my work is done in nearby Manchester. I have a background as a fine art painter and make my living as a Mental Health professional. I’ve carried a camera with me sporadically for the past 30 years, sometimes incorporating photography in my paintings but over the past 10 years I have almost solely concentrated on digital photography. My art has always embraced the accidental and chance image with an aversion to the planned or posed composition. My earliest ‘street photography”  was taken when I had […] Read More
Street Photography with Kevin Lim An interview with the Malaysian based photographer As you may already know, we’re big lovers of street photography throughout the world, Kevin Lim from Malaysia creates beautiful street photography for our enjoyment. We decided to ask him to join us for an interview as part of our Talk Photography project. Thank you for joining us today Kevin, could you tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in photography? “I was born the 6th of May in 1964, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. lived and worked in London , England for close to 20 years  and I currently live in Malaysia. I have been in Healthcare all my working life and over the last 15 years been in the lead executive positions. I  specialize in system dynamics to help people work better locally and internationally, or regionally. My personal interests lie with riding motorcycles, poetry, photography, art, fly-fishing, reading, movies and music… I enjoy the company of friends. Safe to say, that I have an insatiable interest in almost everything. I am 52 , and I have, as far back as I can remember,  felt that there was something very magical about a photograph. […] Read More