Dark Alley Portraits with Eric Banuelos

Dark Alley Portraits with Eric Banuelos

Hello friends, I’m terribly behind on sharing my own recent work, but I’m here to tell you about some dark alley portraits that I did with our friend, Eric Banuelos. You’ll likely remember Eric from a post I did on another shoot with him, as well as one that I did with him and Korean Model Jisu Kim.

Eric wanted to get some more practice modelling and asked me if we could meet up and try something out. I took the opportunity to also experiment and practice myself. I purchased myself a trigger to take my flash remote and an umbrella with a stand. We decided to go test it out in some dark alleyways in Seoul’s Dongdaemun area. The umbrella and off camera flash are not as high quality as a soft box and expensive lighting equipment, but I tested and played around with it to see what I could come up with. Most of the evening was experimenting, and Eric was a trooper ready to get dirty in the slimy back streets.

We used pretty much what ever we found and liked in the streets. Such as the above image where Eric just leaned against a random motorcycle parked along the way. Eric brought along a couple magazines he bought to check out and practice different poses and gestures. He practiced all his poses as a shoot the flash on him for the shots.

All in all I think we had a good time. We had no idea where we were going or what we’d find along the way, but we utilized the signs and such that we did find. One of the ones that I really enjoy the most is a photograph with a phone number on the wall, I shot it while Eric was looking at his phone. So I’m not sure if he’s calling the person, or trying to tell you to call him. I joked that I would photoshop his phone number into the photograph in place of the number written.

Along our journey we found a cool little place that we think was a dormitory or a very cheap rental place. It was pretty rundown. But I thought it looked kind of interesting the orange doors and white walls there were also some bars for maybe an information room. I asked Eric if he would like to sneak in there nice and low under the bars for some photographs. A grumpy old guy actually came by when we were in the middle of shooting with a suitcase to go inside. He grumbled, asked what we were doing, after a quick bow and moving out of the way, he went in grumbling some more. We shot a few more photographs and got out of there. Sadly for Eric, he said he sat in some sewer water, but nonetheless kept going like a trooper.

So we had a great time the photographs have a much more moodier feel to them as back alleys shots would, I suppose. I came away with some shots I think Eric likes and that I also think look great. Goal accomplished. I look forward to having another night adventure with some flash and some back alleys again soon.

dark alley portraits

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to check out the photoshoots I did with Jisu Kim, Jamarian Bridges, or the shoot with Eric and Jisu. I’m also looking for others who are looking to have portraits done, and/or experiment on some shots together. Reach out to me any time through Facebook or my contact page.

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