Film: Easy Izzy Photography with Model Natasha Fernandez

August 30, 2017 Don Maconell Personal Work , 0 comments

Easy Izzy Photography with Model Natasha Fernandez

A short film on a photoshoot we were working on together in Seoul

What’s up everyone, I’m here with a little video that I threw together with my buddy Izzy, of Easy Izzy Photography when we were doing a photoshoot with blogger Natasha Fernandez of TravelandTash. I have some video projects coming up in the near future, so to get some practice I stopped photographing and started filming. This is the result of the work I did that afternoon in Seoul, and the hours of editing, clipping, trimming, rearranging, music finding and adjusting to give me a final video that I’m quite proud of.
I’d love to know your thoughts on the video, did you like it? Were there some suggestions you would give? I’d love to hear down in the comments below.
Really we had an excellent time shooting, it was lots of fun and I had a great time experimenting and working with the clips to compile the final video. You can check out my blog and photographs of Tasha here.
You can catch Izzy on his website and or his Instagram.
And also hit up Tasha’s travel blog and or Instagram.
(My photo Bomb!… ┬áThe moment was a little missed, I did the Korean V sign, but instead I got this weird eyed shot.)
Photo credit easy izzy photography

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