Friday Night Street Shooting

Friday Night Street Shooting

Hello all, so this weekend I’m not able to get out for any type of street shooting or other photography, I have plans with the family and such. But before taking a snooze I thought I’d share a quick blog about some street shooting I did a couple weeks back. This was with my friends Edward, and Eric. Edward came out to try practice with me doing some street, and you may remember Eric, he’s not photographing but rather joined to hang out. He’s starting out as a model and basically wants to learn the ins and outs.

It ended out being more about hanging out and even having a slice of pizza, a nice American style slice in the Hongdae University area. We decided that would try out asking people for street portraits. This tended to be very difficult. Many Koreans shy away from having their photo taken on the street, and we had a hard time explaining in Korean, who we were, what we were doing and why we wanted to photograph them in the few seconds they paid us attention. I was turned down a few times, and we were more or less hanging out taking turns approaching people we thought would be good for a portrait. The longest conversation that I had besides with Eric and Edward was with this old drunk guy that came and sat beside me. He put his arm around me laughing and asking where I’m from. After telling him, Canada. He started saying literally, “I am Canada??”, “I am Canada” from which I joked around all in Korean, telling him basically, ‘No! You’re not from Canada. I’m from Canada not you.’ Of course at this he laughed, joked around and swore at me. It was annoying as is, but our conversation came to an end after he decided to push my head with his finger. At that I stood up straight. He laughed and swore asking where I was going, I just laughed and said 가겠습니다! (GaGeSumbNiDa/ I’m Leaving now!)

The streets were less busy as usual as it was very hot and humid. We met one guy that agreed to have a portrait taken. A very interesting looking character that looked like he walked out of a comic book. Instead of describing him, I’ll just let you have a look for yourself.

street shooting

From the outfit, to the earrings, makeup, hat and hair. He was a great guy to photograph. After exchanging information in order to send him his photograph and thanking him, we let him on his way and continued on.

We continued on and I shared with Edward a bit about some of the methods to shoot candidly without permission, as we weren’t having much response. Meanwhile Eric was searching for people who might accept a photograph and helping us by asking. Another lady visiting from Taiwan agreed to have her photograph taken. I had shot her candidly moments before Eric approached her.

Edward enjoyed taking some photographs with her, we went for a beer. I took a some shots in around the area, nothing too extraordinary. Here are a few that I edited.

So after a bit of shooting, we headed back. We all said we didn’t want to stay out super late that night. So we packed it in for the night. Heading back to the subway station I noticed A really cool looking truck. Ice cream trucks in Korea? No way. Alcohol/ shot trucks? All the way! This is the shot I took. When the view was clear of people.

That’s all from my night of street shooting. More to come soon! Be sure to subscribe to keep up with the latest posts, my own photographic work, and inspiration from photographers all over the world.

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