Model Photoshoot with Jisu Kim and Eric Banuelos

Seoul model's Jisu Kim and Eric Banuelos pose together for a photograph at Namsan Wall in Seoul Korea.

Model Photoshoot with Jisu Kim and Eric Banuelos

You may recall I chatted a lot this past week about last weeks meet up and model photoshoot with several models here in Seoul. Among whom I worked with were Jisu Kim, and Eric Bañuelos.

If you missed them feel free to go and check them out and come back. As I mentioned in those posts I was working with Eric doing some shots, I broke out my flash to get a clearer background with much more detail at F/8 and still have his face nice lit up well. Jisu was doing some work with another photographer right along the same wall we were working on.

AH HA! I great idea came to me, coupling the models up might make for a great image here. I asked both models if they’re comfortable doing some shots together. Both agreed. NO, They’re not a real couple. But they’re both serious about doing modelling, so they were willing and it worked well. We started out having Jisu lean back on Eric, and played around with a few shots.

I didn’t really even edit much of the photographs for that setup, as it was nice, but not exactly what we were looking for. But the above photograph, I’ve added just to give you an idea of what we were working with. But it was surely not our shot. So moving on. It’s getting more intimate now, we asked Jisu if she wouldn’t mind leaning on Eric, however the other way this time, as that would make the shot that much better. Here’s what we did next.

Getting warmer, aren’t we? The last of my requests were to close in the gap by getting in tighter, and having Eric loosen up his left arm a bit. Then we came in for the killer shot, one of my favourites from the day of shooting.

And here it is my shot of the two. Both look absolutely gorgeous. Very sharp looking as well. As a photographer, the work doesn’t end there thought, does it? Getting back home I was excited to get this photo uploaded to the computer and begin some editing. although I still like the colour shot, with exception to the yellow writing on the building behind Jisu, I made a quick decision to develop the final shot as a black and white photograph with a lot of contrast. I also gave some more thought to the brick wall and the block on the left of the image, which would jump out a lot as black and white. I carefully removed the block and filled it in with similar looking buildings as the right side, actually filling it in with the same buildings, and doing some touch ups here and there to give me my final result. (sorry actually a photograph just a little after the above colour one).


There we have it a photograph that I’m particularly proud of from the day of shooting.

Model photoshoot

I’m on the look out to do much more photography, if you’re a model living in Seoul and would like to work on a concept together get in touch with me. If your a fellow photographer, working on interesting concepts of your own, I’ve been doing collaboration projects with photographers around the world, interviews, and will have video projects coming as well. (For example have a look at our project with Marvin Buhian, Tejal Mewar, or Allan Malolos Castro.) The projects are great for learning with or be inspired by. Also if you have something interesting, be sure to share it with me. We can potentially have a project together.

To receive future updates feel free to subscribe, and ask any questions or share you thoughts below in the comments. Till next time!~

(Eric’s Facebook, Jisu’s Facebook)

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  1. your models are gorgeous! it must be fun doing shoots with professional models. you also get to have lots of interviews with photographers from other places. I’m sure each of them is a learning experience for you.

    1. Sure Wendy, you never stop learning. It’s not exactly that I get to have lots of interviews, I work hard to make them happen.

  2. Photography has always been an interest of mine but not one I’ve spent enough time on developing. I really should take a class and get the basics or try to find some youtube videos! Working with models must be a challenge. Dealing with personalities and differing opinions and desires for the outcome of the shoot. Great work! I like your collobo with allan on the other post as well.

    1. Thanks a lot Brian, you should try come out with me one time. I’ll help you out with getting started with photography!

  3. What an attractive *non* couple. It’s nice to see people who are comfortable with a little play acting for the sake of art, haha. The cityscape in the backdrop is also a nice touch. You had a nice vantage point for the shots.

    1. Thanks Rachel! All three of us were all wondering pretty much the same thing, is the other person comfortable. We were all trying to feel that out!

  4. Awesome shots man! I love how you broke down the photo shoot for us in this post. I’ve been getting into portraits and editing in Lightroom myself, so it’s awesome to see the process of someone with experience. I definitely want to get an external flash to create some different looks. I think you definitely nailed it with these shots. Awesome stuff!

    1. Thanks Matt! I’ll be keeping a look out for your stuff as well. I’d love to see what you come up with. It’s all about practice and learning man. Keep creating!

  5. Of all the pictures, your black and white is definitely my fav. That’s pretty cool that you managed to get two strangers to agree to work together, and produced some great shots. I know how challenging that can be, in particular getting the two strangers to warm up to each other. I’m sending you a private msg regarding working with models too. Nice work!^^

    1. Sure, let’s have a chat! 😀 Thanks a lot for your encouragement. The black and white was the vision of the shot. The others were just to help show the process of creating that image.

  6. The last shot in BW is also my favorite, though I would have liked to see more of an expression from models throughout their shoot. Having recently posed for someone, as a model you think your expression is satisfactory, but a photographer can see it from a different perspective. A photographer should also inquire to have the model change her expression, even if it is a simple “give me a small smile, now make it bigger, bigger, bigger and laughing loudly HAHAHA” All the while shooting in continuous mode.

    1. Yes, the photos were all not my chosen shot. The final black and white was. I only used the other photographs in the post to show the thought process while taking the photographs.
      The smiles, they’re always priority with engagements, weddings even families. Then there’s another type of photography that has models often with a more serious look. There are actually photographers who hate smiles in any of their photographs and always shoot for more serious look.

  7. These are very cool. I like how the photos came to be. And I’m right there with you–I prefer the black and white image. I do have a soft spot for bw photography though! Have you interviewed any film photographers? I think their process is so fascinating!

    1. Thanks Rocio, some of the photographers that I’ve interviewed do film, but I focused more on the type of photography they do instead of delving into the film process. But that’s something I’ll definitely be looking to do.

  8. Awesome shots! I agree with all the comments here. I think the Black and White Photo stood out. It’s dramatic. I also like their solo shots. Your models are gorgeous. I look forward seeing more of your projects.

    1. Thanks Karla, I appreciate the feedback. Stay tuned, I look forward to seeing more of you blogging as well.

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