New Website Introduction and Past Projects

Photograph of a beautiful South Korean Temple in the Mountains near Seoul

New Website Introduction and Past Projects

My name is Don MacDonell and this is my new website introduction along with word on past projects. If you’ve known me previously you may know I’ve had other websites, projects, etc under several different names and websites. However now I will use this website to blog and share those projects as well as what I’m working on.

Talk Photography:

Talk Photography was a super fun website and project that I was working on last year. The whole idea with it was to ‘inspire the next generation of photographers around the world’. I interviewed over a dozen photographers, most newer to their fields of photography but were producing amazing artwork. Interviewing them on their projects, brought in several samples of their work and got their insights and tips in their genres of photography.

I also wanted to bring this more alive with a YouTube Channel where I would collaborate with talented artists and present a video series with the same goal of inspiring others in their art. I also had ambition to create monthly magazines, and or books.

What will become of Talk Photography? Well we will continue with it. It will continue on this website under the ‘Talk Photography” Category. Past interviews that we have completed will soon be brought back and reposted here for your inspiration. The Video Projects, when I’m able to set them up and get them going, will be uploaded to my Don MacDonell YouTube Channel marked as Talk Photography projects. We will also be attempting to design and release Talk Photography Magazine in the future through this website.

Korean Photography & The Photo Guide Book

I had the Korean Photography website ready to go for a while, and yet never fully developed it. It was a thought for me to explore the country that I live in, both for popular destinations and hidden away gems to photograph and share with the world. Along with that I would produce videos and blogs of my travels and share the photography that I would accomplish on my way.

New website introduction (Temple scenery)

It then crossed my mind to create photo books of various interesting places, such as a palace, or a specific town or city. Thought very similar to Korean photography my future goal was to go beyond the scope of one country so I came up with the name ‘The Photo Guide Book‘. I was planning to use this instead of Korean Photography, making videos, photographing various well known and unknown places as well as creating and possibly selling Photo Books of my favourite places.

What will become of these projects? They will simply be done here on and on my YouTube channel under the same name. I’m still aiming to make ‘the Photo Guide Book’ photo books a reality in the future. The name will likely remain, however announcements and their release will also take part on this website.

Enjoy the upcoming projects

I hope you will stay tuned in for our upcoming projects, videos, photography and much more in the near future.

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