Night Flash Photography with our son

Night Flash Photography with our Son

So a couple weeks back we went out for a little kick board action for our son and I decided to play around with some night flash photography. In an area with not much for light, and an inexpensive setup only made the quest that more challenging. Over all though, I was playing around and testing what I would be able to come up with all the while playing with my son and spending time with the family.

If you haven’t already guessed so a lot of the shots that I decided to keep are high contrast, black and white photographs. A lot feature motion blur as I’m running along my son as he flies by to get the shot. Sometimes it’s hit and miss with the composition, but a lot of the time I can guess the movements that he’s making, where he’s going to be and when allowing me to set up to have a good idea where to shoot from.

Night Flash Photography

It’s way to dark and way too fast for even thinking of using any kind of auto-focus, thus predicting where and when he’s going to pass by I needed to zone focus and keep my own placement in check not to focus nearer or farther from Kanghee. Some of course were indeed missed, I stepped a little too far back or forward, or I angled the camera up or down too much either clipping his legs and the kick-board or the top of his head. To keep him in in focus while at high speeds as involves panning the camera, matching his speed for the shot, which I needed to do a lot for this.

Night photography with flash of a boy riding his kick board in colour

Basically we had a good time playing around and I, testing out with the flash. Kanghee also posed for some shots. Undirected by me he gave me some of his own style poses. haha Not a bad little model, wouldn’t you agree?

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