Photoshoot with model Eric Banuelos

Photoshoot with Model Eric Banuelos

On our meet up with local models here in Seoul, was Eric Banuelos, a pretty cool guy just getting interesting and started with modelling. We’re actually the same age, both ‘foreigners’, teaching English and living here in Korea, so we had lots to chat about.

Eric Banuelos Colour 1

We started out taking some shots at the Namsan park wall, actually our second location, but my first and only chance shooting with Eric. We chatted a bit and took some shots. Our time together was quite limited so we didn’t capture too many shots. But hopefully I’ll be able to create something awesome with him in the future.

We climbed up next to the wall, (there were little steps), looking for a decent vantage point to get a shot. A lot of it was just experimenting and finding a good set up. I even broke out the flash to get more of the background without blowing it out at f/8, as well as capture him without casting him in shadow. Here are a couple of the shots from the afternoon.

In a similar setup I was able to call over one of the other models we were working with to join in to create an image I’m really excited about. But I’d like to explain about that in more detail in the next post!

Feel free to share any thoughts, comments or questions down below, or shoot my an inquiry any time. You can find Eric here.

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