Photoshoot with Model Jisu Kim

Photoshoot with Model Jisu Kim

The other model that I was able to shoot with last week was Jisu Kim, whom I had a really nice time shooting with. I actually shot with her in the day with the rest of our meet up group, and then Jisu agreed to shoot a little more afterwards. So we did some shots in the Dongdaemun Design plaza after the sun went down with the lights of the building.

To start out Jisu along with the others joined us in the afternoon. So I did some shooting with her to get started, right in the plaza’s main area. Jisu’s really good at modelling, she was very easy to work with. After testing around a little bit I wanted to try a shot with an umbrella, someone brought a clear umbrella which we were able to utilize. We were able to get a gorgeous shot with her having the umbrella basically as a backdrop. I colour graded it with a more moody feel to it. With the earrings, Jisu’s look, the umbrella, the colouring I really love the photograph I was able to create with here.

Jisu Kim

We moved on to testing out, and playing with some motion blur. I asked Jisu if she could pose and remain still as long as possible, and explained what I was trying to accomplish. The open area of the plaza had several people around. Because of the rain some people avoided the area we were working in. But we would wait for the opportune time to shoot Jisu with people blurring by in around her. Of course not every shot turned out. I mounted the camera on a tripod for stability, Jisu changed up her poses every now and again and I shot with a slow shutter speed when people crossed through. A lot was experimenting but I came out with a few shots. One I really love.

On our second location, Jisu was working with another photographer, and I was shooting with another model Eric. However I had an excellent idea to team them up together for a few photographs. ┬áThat I’ll share in my next post though!

After the team grabbed I bite, I asked Jisu if she’d like to shoot a little more. Hoping that we can find some nice lighting setup as the camera I was working with is terrible at high ISO’s. She agreed so we gave it a try. I captured a few more photographs of her in the lit up plaza before calling it a day and heading home.

All in all, I had a great time shooting with Jisu. Stay tuned for my next post about the team up shot with her and Eric. You can find Jisu on Instagram. Be sure to show her some love.

Any questions, comments, etc. Feel free to post them up below.
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