Photoshoot with Blogger Natasha Fernandez @ Seoul’s DDP

Photoshoot with Blogger Natasha Fernandez

A blog on the afternoon shooting at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul

Alright so, last week we headed out to shoot with Seoul Blogger Natasha Fernandez of Travelandtash. She contacted me after seeing some of my other photoshoots in the Seoul area, curious about setting something up together. We originally were going to try a different location for the shoot since I’ve shot in the DDP multiple times, however it was an iffy day with the forecast and we headed to the plaza to shoot with some overhead shelter. I brought along a friend of mine, Izzy Schreiber, who’s another local photographer here in Seoul.

We began by grabbing a cup of coffee to get to know each other before starting the shoot. Tasha also brought her friend Buyeon, who actually was a fantastic tablet pc photographer catching some of the behind the scenes shots.

We headed first to some stairs. It was quite dark area, so amping up the ISO we did some shots. Between letting Izzy get some shots, I set up for a little experiment of my own. A not so traditional shot for models or portraits (since you can’t see her face) I took some low shutter speed shots of Tasha walking up the stairs, which I actually really liked the results for. You be the judge and let me know down in the comments.

After a bit we headed over to another area. At the top of those stairs was actually a piano that visitors can sit down and play. Tasha and Buyeon wanted to pose there for a shot. However we soon got ambushed by a bunch of other photographers and tourists as well as some local Koreans wanting to take pictures with ‘the pretty girls’, that is literally what 1 guy told me. After accepting a couple there seemed to be even more so I set up quick and fired off multiple shots and got out of there before we got stuck with a strange fan club, who were pretty much circling us in.

When we got set up at our next spot in the plaza, I decided to take a rest from doing photographs. Instead I let Izzy shoot and I practiced doing some filming. I took several clips and had a blast compiling the final video. Following that I joined back in for some more shooting. Here a few of the photographs that I did.

natasha fernandez

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Feel free to reach out anytime to discuss setting up a photoshoot. You can reach me through this site or through Facebook.

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  1. Vivien
    August 31, 2017

    I love the photos of Tash they are gorgeous
    But I love the not so traditional low shutter speed photo more.. very arty 👍

    • Don Maconell
      August 31, 2017

      Thanks Vivien, I had a great time experimenting with that, I also really liked the result.
      Very much appreciated 😀

  2. travelandtash
    September 01, 2017

    Very nice, Don…. I like your descriptions of getting hounded at at piano. Despite the rain, the day was super successful and it was super fun to work with the two of you.

    • Don Maconell
      September 01, 2017

      Haha. Thanks Tasha, you should have handed out cards or something and charged them 10$ a photo or something. You’d make a fortune~

  3. Varun
    September 02, 2017

    Snaps of Natasha are amazing!
    The classy umbrella pose, and the shoot in B&W… great work, Don!

    • Don Maconell
      September 02, 2017

      Thanks,Varun. I appreciate the kind feedback 🙂

  4. Buyeon
    September 03, 2017

    an interesting story Don! Fun to read!

    • Don Maconell
      September 04, 2017

      I really appreciate that Buyeon! Thanks so much 😀

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