Photoshoot with Model Jay Bridges

Photoshoot with Model Jay Bridges

To continue on with the photoshoots from last Saturday, I worked with model Jay Bridges, who’s a model here in Seoul, South Korea. He’s quite fit, and brought several changes of clothes with him. He was very prepared to say the least, every time I’d be changing a lens or something it seems it was time for him to change his cloths.

Jay Bridges Colour 1

The DDP is a wonderful place to do photography in, the architecture provides lots of neat opportunities. The patterns of the walls of the building served very well as backdrops, which we surely utilized. The geometry also allowed us to create some very interesting shots including the following, which I shot from a lower stance to give him that powerful, superman feel.

The shapes in the background and even the stripes on his shirt did wonders for the photographs and proved perfect for black and white. We continued on changing up the location in a different part of the same building, where we utilized the railings for some shots as well.

The weather that day was not really that great, there was rain on and off, and overcast. At one point the rain just started pouring down! That was Jay’s queue for stripping, which he did. With my umbrella we stepped out of the sheltered top for some creative shots in the rain.

The security there came to tell us that he needs to get a shirt on, fortunately for us though, they were not willing to get drenched to come and stop us in the downpour. So they told us only after we got the shots in a finished up.

We did a few other shots along with Sid at a second location, however the images didn’t turn out as strong as the earlier shots we took.

We appreciate all comments, inquiries and questions. Feel free to post them up below. Or contact me directly. You can also find Jay’s online portfolio here.


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