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Portraits with Anna Pazderski

Today I’d like to share some of the portraits I did with aspiring actress/model Anna Pazderski, who’s based here in Seoul, South Korea. We met through a meet up group and did some shooting at Seoul Forest last August. Through my new projects with Talk Photography, which you may remember through various interviews and news that have since moved from this website, I’ve been working increasing to development something that all photographers, especially newer photographers can be inspired by. The main part of the project is turning Talk Photography into a magazine and hosting it on a new website. The launch of the first issue was very successful thus far and can be seen there. In the process of increasing efforts on such projects, I’ve lagged behind on my personal photography projects and uploading them to this website. Well, I have still done photography, but it’s just been shared with the individuals involved instead of shared with all of you on social media, on this blog, or updated on my sites portfolios.

Anna Pazderski in black leather corset

OK, so let’s get down to it. We met up on an afternoon with Anna and the group of photographers and ¬†models to do shooting. The location was set to Seoul Forest, in the southern part of the city. I first had the opportunity to shoot with Anna, and I went with her with another photographer and friend of mine, Edward. I had been to Seoul forest a few times and knew the exact spot that I was heading for before even arriving. When everyone went to the front entrance I headed directly to the back of the park, where they have a dipped down garden area encompassed by an old crumbling wall that serves very well as a neat backdrop. We headed straight there and got down to business. She showed us some of her outfits she had prepared, and out came a BLACK LEATHER CORSET! WOW! Alright, we went with that right off the top and got started.

Seoul Model Anna Pazderski in black corset powerful pose from a low angle

We started out getting many shots with the wall serving as a backdrop, but I was in an especially creative mode and was continuously trying to do something new and creative, experimenting with some poses in some different spots in the area. I quickly tried attempting some different angles, some which failed miserably, others that I was quite happy with. The shot above shot from a pretty low angle proved to be and image I liked with the upper guard rail with the sunlight coming through. The photograph below was shot with the camera an inch from the ground, I think I was even laying in the dirt to make sure I got the focus and the framing spot on. I shot it with a 24mm prime lens.

Seoul Model Anna Pardezski posing in leather corset and jeans as a tough guy

We didn’t stop there. We were suppose to meet back up with our friends, but the time completely slipped our minds as we got really, really into our shoot. The 3 of us were having a blast, finally when we realized we were way past time we discovered the others had tried to contact us, and after not being able to grouped up again and gave us double time with Anna, which we cheered at.

I let Edward choose some spots he wanted to shoot in, he also had some great ideas. He wanted to utilize the wall covers with vines. It was a great wall, but again I wanted to get more creative with it. I began utilizing the vines that were falling a few feet from the wall and the leaves that they bore to create a new perspective of the images. I began experimenting having the foreground clear in the image and pretty much encircling Anna through them. I think it created a very new perspective that viewers could enjoy, as if Anna were lost in the jungle as a modern, leather corset wearing Jane, gazing and waiting for her tree swinging lover to drop in at any moment.

Anna Pazderski models in black corset in jungle type environment. Green vine foregroundAnna Pazderski posing with vines and old fashioned wall

So moving on from there, poor Anna brought several changes of clothing, we spent 90% of our time and only had utilized one outfit. So we decided to let her change outfits and do some more shooting before we needed to head off and switch up. We shot some final images with Anna  in a beautiful red dress before heading back to meet the others, which we were late for again, but they were as well, so we were safe.

Anna Parderski looking for her Tarzan Model posing with red one piece dress and vines Anna Parderski posing in beautiful red one piece dress

That was the sum of the shoot with Anna Parderski. If you’re wanting to set up a photoshoot with me, you can contact me any time.


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