Seoul Model Photoshoot B&W

Seoul Model Photoshoot B&W

Seoul Model Photoshoot B&W Portfolio – © Don MacDonell, photographer based in Seoul, South Korea.

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You may be interested in reading more about some of my past photoshoots. You may do some on blog posts that I’ve written. Above portfolio models include: Female models Jisu Kim and Natasha Fernandez and Male models Jay Bridges and Eric Baneulos. You might also find my blog about shooting Jisu and Eric together very interesting.

I love doing fun photoshoots here in Seoul. I’ve had the chance to work with several models, or those working on portfolios. I love trying new techniques and styles like in my work above. I love the feeling of Black and White photography, and enjoy creating unique portraits and fine art. If our styles align and you would like to book a photoshoot here in Seoul, I look forward to planning it out with you. Contact me through this page, or send me a message though my Facebook page.