Street Photography Around the World

Street Photography around the World

This is street photography that we’ve compiled from photographers all over the world. We’re constantly adding more, looking for new and upcoming photographers to collaborate with for projects and interviews to showcase what they do and where they live in world. We share the passion of shooting on the streets in cities all over the world and presenting our art work. Stories of our photographers, their experiences, their tips, their work will inspire the future generation of photographers as well as those of us already involved with the practice. It’s my goal that this inspiration reaches many and inspires them to continue creating despite challenges they face in life, and motivate them not to give up what they love doing. My hope is that others will discover this form of art, and awaken a passion for it enabling them to pick up their craft and keep at it.

I’m Don MacDonell, I started this project, Talk Photography, last year, and have continued on working at it. I’m going to be taking to the streets locally with fellow photographers to embark on projects together, and eventually spread into other locations, cities and countries.

Get involved! I’m anxiously waiting for you! Share your projects, share your stories, share you photography with me. Let’s get it out there! Inform me of your family, your friends, your neighbours and others who are creating something brilliant. Contact me here, through the contact page, through Facebook, email me (, call me (010-5540-8828), contact me any time, I’m ready to here your story and your passion, or about others. (Street is the main theme of this page, but we also share in other genres of photography, don’t be shy to share.)

This is Street Photography from around the World

(We’ll continue growing this page as new interviews, projects etc come in.)



Md Johirul Islam: Johirul is a fantastic guy, it was a real pleasure to chat with him and interview him late last year. Johirul shot lots of family photos as a child, and since having his camera broke discontinued. He once again fell in love with photography from the beginning of last year. He’s doing excellent work with his candid photography and is even doing a 365 project, working on shooting everyday for the year. You’ll love the work he’s currently doing as well as what he shared with us.


Dr. Amit Dijon Dutta started out exploring photography with his dad’s old camera. 6 Years back he purchased himself a DSLR camera, which he has used since to explore more behind the art of photography. He’s taken a keen interest in the lives of people in his home country, India and talks with his subjects, understands them and captures their stories in a frame. You’ll be keenly interested in the interview we had with him about his project shooting the Hindu religious ceremony Kumbh Mela.

Tejal Mewar : Street Photography

Tejal Mewar: Tejal is an inspiring photographer from Gujarat, India. She regularly spends her free time going and shooting in the streets. She shared with us a great project she did in a brick kiln as well as an interview. She has done other projects as well including salt farming. She’s a lover of capturing the lives of the people in her beloved homeland, and her photographs say a lot about her and the love and passion that she holds to photography, and street.


Mohamad Setiawan: Mohamad grew up with a love of portrait photography. It wasn’t long before he developed a real passion for what’s now known as street. He loves his country and shares with us the beauty of the Indonesian culture and lives of the people through his lens. You’ll enjoy reading his interview.


Takanori Tomimatsu: We had the pleasure of speaking with Chiba native, Takanori about his photography, who graciously helps us live life in Tokyo through his images. He gets up close and personal with his Leica and captures the beauty of the people.

He’s a fabulous man to know, and I’m happy to see him consistently bring out new images on a regular basis.


Affendi Haluan Kanan: Started his photography in 2004, Affendi focused on shooting landscapes, macro and product photography. After becoming a little bored of his photography and noticing it was a little stale he tried something more challenging. Street photography! He begin taking to the streets in 2008 in Kuala Lumpur and continues to shoot today with many unique juxtaposed shots and fabulous colour and candid photography. You’ll love his collection that he shared with us along with his interview.

Anang Hanafi: Anang is a passionate street photography hobbyist, spending his off days and weekends shooting when ever he is free from family obligations. He creates beautiful colour photographs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We had a pleasure interviewing him about his work and getting his thoughts and tips.

Agoes Alwie: is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He started his photography in 2013, first shooting architecture but soon fell in love with street photography. He has won several local photo competitions in his town and even has presented many presentations and talks on the genre. He founder a street group named Street To Street (S2S) in Malaysia which holds exhibitions and other events for photography. The group has also been appointed by Malaysia Tourism, making him curator for some of their galleries. You can check out the full interview with him on our site.


Kevin Lim

Kevin Lim: Kevin is a local from Malaysia doing many types of photography but especially enjoys doing street. He’ll head out by himself with his camera to go shoot at city markets and such chasing down the perfect light and opportunity to capture a moment in time among the people of his country. I had a great time interviewing him on his photography.

Marvin Buhian: Marvin is a terrific young man, passionate to get out there and capture the world around him. When he talks to you about photography, especially on the streets of Kuala Lumpur he can go on and on. He’s excited about his photography which can be seen clearly from his work. It was fun interviewing him and sharing his work to others.

Zamri Jasi: Zamri first started his photography after joining an outing in 2013. Since then he has passionately pursued his passion of photography, taking workshops, going to meet ups to continue developing and learning. He also visits indigenous peoples in his homeland to capture their lives through his camera. Check out the in depth interview we did with him.

South Korea:

Don MacDonell: I’d love to fill in other photographers here instead of myself, it’s been unfortunate not to have had an opportunity yet to feature photographers living here. (I’m from Canada, but live in South Korea.) As you can see from the dedication to this topic and my website, I’m very passionate about my photography and street just works so well for me. I love going out into the busy areas in Seoul and looking for interesting people, moments and capturing that life all around. To me it means so much. I’m happy to share it in as much as I can with the time I have. I’ve yet to include a lot of my street work on the new site, but you can surely look forward to regular sharing on the personal work section of my website. You can also have a look at my Seoul street portfolio.



Trevor Gwin: Trevor brings us his photography of over 30 years experience. He was an artist and incorporated his photography in his work up until about 10 years ago. There after he focused mainly on his photography, and lots of street in around the Manchester area. Read more about him and his work in the interview we did with him.


Karak Apok: Karak has exclusively practiced the art of street photography for 50 years, while looking up to older photographers from his homeland such as the Doineau, Cartier-Bresson and Brassaï. He tells the story of the people in Southern France through his camera. It was a delight to have him share his wisdom with us.


Kārlis Rodins: Karlis, from Latvia brought to us some excellent photographs and shared his story with us. He is a young man, just trying to survive and get by. But he’s been able to tell stories of people he has met through his street portraits. You’ll find his experiences very interesting.

North America:

South America:



Get in touch with your work and projects, or refer others who are creating awesome stuff.

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  1. You might be interested in my work in Sydney. Check out #walkingtoworksydney on instagram

    1. Sounds awesome Greg. Thanks for letting me know. I’m going to check it out right now!

  2. You found people with such a great eye! When you see someone’s work that speaks to you, you can tell how much work and thinking they put into the shot. There’s a big difference between a picture and a photograph, if you know what I mean. Those shots have emotion, and depth and clarity. Good work!

    1. Thank you Brian. I definitely agree with you about the picture vs photograph. I really refrain from calling this kind of work pictures, they’re photographs. Thanks for you comment!

  3. What a great (and ambitious) project! 🙂 All the photographers are incredibly talented, but I especially like Tejal Mewar’s shots from India…which must the the street photography capital of the world. 😉

    1. Thanks Shelley, I appreciate it. Yes Tejal’s work is amazing! Surprising India often falls into categories of Travel photography, which actually incorporates street along with other forms of photography, and photojournalism. But yes, a place I’d definitely love to go for photography and street shooting.

  4. This project is great! I’m happy to hear you’re looking to expand it globally 🙂 I enjoyed the chosen photographs very much. But my favorite is the work from the woman from India and the photo of the South Korean couple bonding while glued to their phones.

    1. Much appreciated Rocio. Tejal’s work is always fascinating, I’m hoping to bring her back to share some more insights into her more recent projects. Haha The Korean couple is a photograph, I’m very proud of, one of my favourites among thousands and thousands. Thanks for noticing.

  5. This has been a long-awaited move Don! I am so thrilled that you are starting to catalog all your street photography finds. I still remember what an impact the Takanori Tomimatsu piece had on me and I am eager to read up on Kārlis Rodins, whose preview images entice me with their emotion. Can’t wait to see this directory grow!

  6. I read some of your features before. Congratulations on your project! this is a great collection and good luck for more great artists in your project. I am a fan of street photography because of its rawness and honesty. Kudos to you!!!

    1. Thanks so much Wendy, I’m glad you enjoy the collection and appreciate the art of street photography. Thanks for the warm encouragement.

  7. I think its interesting how most of the work featured is Black and White, except for some. I understand that sometimes the colors of the streets/signs/clothing act distractedly, but at the same time it is a challenge of getting a shot like Trevor and Marvin where color compliments the scene.

    1. Sure, Alla. Yes, street photography really leans towards black and white, and that just often works so well. I also try to shoot in colour, depending on the setting etc., Not every black and white scene, looks good in colour, and not every colour scene works in black and white. Thanks Alla

  8. I’m going to share your post with other photographer friends who would do well to contact you! I really liked the work you feature by Tomimatsu, in particular the shot of the traffic warden. I also really like your couple shot. The position of their bodies makes for a really interesting, and imperfect symmetrical composition. I really like it. I really like Martin Parr’s documentary style photography, so I really enjoyed these images. Nice compilation showcasing photographers and their work!

    1. Thanks a lot Tasha, I appreciate the kind words. I also look forward to hearing from your friends.

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