Street Photography in a Small Korean Town

Street Photography in a small Korean Town

Testing out video in some small town street photography

Hey guys, well I’ve been planning to get into video a lot lately, and start working on video projects with fellow photographers, developing some of their projects, concepts and photoshoots, or even documenting their street shooting. I’ve been playing around with my own street photography. Of course the video footage is not the greatest as I’m videoing my self doing street photography from my own point of view. But it gave me a chance to show you what I’m up to and also let me play around with editing and selecting music for the clip. So although the shots token I would never probably upload, I’ve decided to write this up and share the video. Very real video. For the video purpose I probably shot more than I would otherwise but I enjoyed doing it nonetheless. I’m hoping to hear your feedback in the comments below on what I could do better with the actual video part, and if you want on the photographs that were taken. Feel free to share your own video links, Instagram or websites so I can have a look at some of your stuff as well.


You might really enjoy the project I have been doing with street photographers all over the world.

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