Cpanel and install wordpress
Build a website, Online Skills

Build Your Own Website: 2. Cpanel and Installing WordPress

Cpanel and Installing WordPress Alright, so you’ve purchased your domain name and hosting, now we need to get familiar with the Cpanel and installing WordPress through your Cpanel. Let’s dive into that right now, follow along in the video. If ANYTHING is unclear or confusing and you need more help drop a comment below and …

Buy hosting and domain
Build a website, Online Skills

Build your own website: 1. Buy a Domain and Hosting

Buy a Domain and Hosting The first step to building the website you require is to buy a domain and hosting. A domain is the link address of a website. My domain for example is You need to find one that’s available and buy it. You also need to buy a hosting plan. A …

Life of Madame Curie, Curie in her Laboratory

Reading about the life of Madame Curie

Reading about the life of Madame Curie I have had a great time reading about the life of Madame Curie, the famous Polish Physicist who discovered radioactivity and later on radium among other discoveries. I actually read the book, Obsessive Genius, last month and I’m re-reading it going over interesting points to share with others …


Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation

Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation Prepare yourself for some Arnold Schwarzenegger motivation directly from the man himself. The bodybuilding machine and Hollywood star’s success didn’t come by chance and he shares his 5 rules for success in the following speech. Here are the 5 rules that he mentions: 1. Find your vision. 2. Never ever think small. 3. …