My Quest to Learn Languages

“As a Canadian, it was mandatory to learn French from grade, and quite honestly I hated it! In fact, I don’t know of anyone who actually enjoyed it.  Nevertheless, I first became interested in Japanese culture and language around the 6th grade.”

“In high school, I started to study and learn Japanese on my own. Sadly, I am from a majority Caucasian town. Left to my own devices I found recorded lessons to follow along to and learn. I remember the first basic greetings I learned taking me a good 30 minutes. I struggled to grasp even the smallest bit from what I thought to be an outrageously difficult tongue twister, spoken so fast it made me dizzy!”

“I utilized recordings, language podcasts, music, movies, and tv shows. I found people to talk to online. After a while learning Japanese I started learning some Mandarin Chinese. I remember working at night until 2 or 3 AM and coming home quickly to get my brief phone call lesson coming in from Beijing.”

“In my early twenties, I moved to Toronto, which was much different than my small hometown. It was a rich multicultural experience. I learned greetings in several languages that I would often use when meeting others anywhere I found the opportunity. My first 2 roommates were actually a Japanese(/Canadian) and a Korean guy. I remember sometimes having secret conversations with my Japanese friend. We often got a kick out of that.”

“I started learning some Korean, as I made several Korean friends. I eventually met my wife, who’s Korean. We moved to South Korea when she was pregnant with our son. We’ve spent the last seven years living in here where I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of learning the language and culture on the other side of the world.”

“I must say it was especially interesting when my wife and I went on a trip to Japan with a few Korean friends. It was shocking for people to see a white guy translating Korean to Japanese. (Though my Japanese was quite rusty, after a long time in Korea.)”

“I felt and still feel the frustrations of language learning. It’s hard to do. It’s frustrating to want to talk with others but be afraid to, or not know how to say what you want to, or even understand what’s being said. I’d like to take all that I’ve learned about learning languages over the last 16 years to help you with YOUR QUEST to learn. As well as overcome those frustrations. I will also share some lessons based on the languages that I’ve learned and/or am learning.”

“You’ve got a real challenge ahead of you! I hope to make learning a bit easier, a bit more fun and much more effective.

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