Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation

Prepare yourself for someĀ Arnold Schwarzenegger motivation directly from the man himself. The bodybuilding machine and Hollywood star’s success didn’t come by chance and he shares his 5 rules for success in the following speech.

Here are the 5 rules that he mentions:
1. Find your vision.
2. Never ever think small.
3. Ignore the Naysayers.
4. Work your ass off.
5. Don’t just take, Give back

Let’s think about the 5 rules a little bit and how they can be applied to anything that you’re striving and working for in your life.

1.) Find your vision

Have a goal, a clear vision of what it is your going after, what you want to achieve. In Arnold’s case he tells about is goal of wanting to go to America after watching a documentary at school. With no money or way to get there that was his vision. Later he found a bodybuilding magazine and found an amazing man to look up to, Reg Park a Mr. Universe and star in the 1960’s Hercule’s movies. He read about how Reg grew up poor and how he worked out 5 hours a day, ended out winning 3 Mr. Universe titles and then landing the role in the movie. Arnold now had a clearer vision, to be on the stage and win the Mr. Universe on the same stage. After that go to America and be a movie star. How did that help Arnold Schwarzenegger? It motivated and pushed him forward despite any challenges. Thus he says “Always discover your vision and the rest will follow”.

What’s your vision for the future?
Where will you be?
What will be doing?
How will it feel? Taste? Smell?

2. Never ever think small

Shoot for the stars says Arnold. He explained he didn’t simply want to ‘be in movies’, no, he wanted to be the highest paid actor, be on billboards and ‘basically wanted to be another John Wayne’.

Are you thinking big?
Describe that. Are you thinking to be a model?
Then what kind of model? Where? doing what? Working with who?
Your photoshoots being featured where? Being in what kinds of campaigns?

3. Ignore the Naysayers

As our favourite movie star/bodybuilder says, when you have a big vision, big goals and dreams, there will be many people around you who will say ‘I don’t think it can be done’. All his dreams were doubted by people he told. Being a bodybuilder? A champion? ‘You’re nuts!’ ‘It’s an American sport!’. Later on when trying to get into movies his agents and managers laughed at him for being ‘too big’, for being a foreign man, for having a weird accent, for having a name (which they couldn’t even pronounce properly).
What happened? He ignored them all and worked towards learning and bettering his English, getting accent removal classes, and taking acting classes. He began getting small parts then more small parts, then later became Conan the Barbarian. And it only got better from there. He tells us “Everything the naysayers said were a liability became an asset”.

What are you doing that people say is impossible?
How are you going to prove them wrong?
Show them!

4. Work your ass off.

“You never want to fail because you didn’t work hard enough”.
“It doesn’t matter what area you are in, No Pain, No Gain!”.

Coming to America, Arnold recalls that he trained 5 hours a day, managed a construction business, was a brick layer, went to college AND took acting classes from 8pm-12Am.

Not doing that now? Start!!!

5.) Don’t just take, Give back!

Something usually overlooked. Arnold tells how he started after school programs, helped people when ever he saw the chance. “Tear down that mirror that makes you always look at yourself, you will be able to look beyond that mirror and you’ll be able to see the millions and millions of people that need your help.”

Who are you helping?
How are you helping?
What can you give back?

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