Learn English

Learn English in order to accomplish your goals and reach your dreams. Learning English is often essential for many people in non-English countries to reach certain levels of success in reaching their dreams and goals in many areas including business. After considering this for some time, I’ve decided to include English lessons in order to help all non-English speakers who are working hard and are determined to work hard at what they want to accomplish.

Friends who are learning English AND are working hard at bettering themselves and reaching for their dreams (as what I focus this website and all my work on), will be the preferred learners that I’m looking to help.

English Speaking/Listening

Speaking sessions to develop your English communication skills with me will be scheduled for members of my site. The dates and times will be announced on our site and you may apply to join any that you’ve practiced and prepared for.

Speaking discussions with Don on Skype:

 – Based on Topic (Includes interesting topics for beginners – advanced. Some topics may be from our Learn from Tv Shows/Movies/Books/Songs series.)
– Based on Articles

English Vocabulary/Reading

Vocabulary and reading comprehension will be learnt mostly through lessons on articles and books and exploring the new vocabulary presented. Comprehension of reading material will also be occasionally discussed on Skype chats with me.

 – Vocabulary lessons
– Reading Comprehension Practice

English Writing

Writing topics will be presented for you. You may take the time limit provided to write about the topic and submit it. Once you have submitted your writing, I will review it and give suggestion and feedback to help you improve, and corrections.

 – Based on Writing Topic  (Includes interesting topics for beginners – advanced. Some topics may be from our Learn from Tv Shows/Movies/Books/Songs series.)
– Based on Questions

English Pronunciation

I will share pronunciation lessons for you to listen to and practice when ever you are able. You can practice the lessons over and over, especially difficult English sounds. I will schedule time to practice pronunciation and help you to improve your pronunciation through Skype sessions.

 – Pronunciation Lessons
– Pronunciation Practice on Skype (Practice pronunciation through reading passages and focusing on difficult to pronounce sounds in the English language.)

English Grammar

English grammar will be taught through lessons. You will have much opportunity to improve your spoken and written grammar in our speaking and writing sections. Sample articles will also be examined to understand English sentences and structure.

 – Grammar Lessons (Lessons from beginner to advanced.)

English Useful Phrases/Idioms

One of my favourite parts to teach, we’ll learn a lot of useful phrases and idioms that are used in everyday speech. Many such phrases and idioms can be found in our Learn from TV Shows/Movies/Books and Songs Series.

 – Idioms and Useful Phrase Lessons

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