My Projects

The goals of my site is to help and motivate you to pursue your dreams, and teach you that you can earn a living and enough to support yourself and your family by doing what you love to do! I am a firm believer in this and I hope to teach you the skills necessary to do so in any pursuit that you’re taking on. I also offer personal coaching/mentoring to help direct people in the right direction on a personal level. I have decided to also share my projects here in this section. ¬†My main project is ¬†Everliving Dreams, described in an earlier post. It actually replaced another project I had been working on previous. Although my main focus is working on this website to help guide you, coaching offered here and Everliving Dreams, I will also share smaller projects that I work on, when I do in addition to my main projects. I hope this will showcase myself putting advice I give into practice.

I will in addition showcase, with permission from the other party, people that I guide and see the results of their progress.