Life of Madame Curie, Curie in her Laboratory

Reading about the life of Madame Curie

I have had a great time reading about the life of Madame Curie, the famous Polish Physicist who discovered radioactivity and later on radium among other discoveries. I actually read the book, Obsessive Genius, last month and I’m re-reading it going over interesting points to share with others and my own thoughts on her life and how we can learn from people from the past.

I have many thoughts that I will share as I continue reading through. Overall thoughts of the book though, I’d love to share now. The book was great, I enjoyed reading it very much. I, of course had heard of Madame, or Marie Curie before reading the book and knew some basics of what important role she played in science. I did not know much about her life, and I was surprised to learn that although she was a remarkable, intelligent woman with many successes she spent the majority of her life in a gloomy and severe depression.

She grew up in Poland, which was then under repression from Russia. Her language, culture and history was all not to be mentioned. Her life as a young child was lonely and parents were distant and seemed cold for various reasons. All of which I’ll share about in a later article. She experienced the tragic death of her sister, followed by her mother and after became consumed in her books for hours and days at a time. It seemed that every time she had a chance for happiness, it didn’t last long before it ended and the depression set in again.

Over the next few days as I review over what I’ve read, and think more about the points I will post the articles up on the Madame Curie page for your motivation and thoughts. I hope that you can be inspired by the strong points and warned of the weak points.

If you’d like, you can also find the book on Amazon and share your thoughts on it as well.


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