Learn English

Learn English in order to accomplish your goals and reach your dreams. Learning English is often essential for many people in non-English countries to reach certain levels of success in reaching their dreams and goals in many areas including business. After considering this for some time, I’ve decided to include English lessons in order to help all non-English speakers who are working hard and are determined to work hard at what they want to accomplish.

Friends who are learning English AND are working hard at bettering themselves and reaching for their dreams (as what I focus this website and all my work on), will be the preferred learners that I’m looking to help.

To avoid confusion on other platforms I will use a different account for English Lesson posts and information. (Main articles that are not English lessons will be posted to the regular ‘Don MacDonell’ pages/apps.

These are for English Lessons:

YouTube: Don’s English Academy
Twitter: @donsenglishacad
Instagram: @donsenglishacademy

Follow along for news and updates as well as quick lessons on those channels.

Be sure to check back on this site often, on this section for the main English lessons.