Talk Photography is Gone! Why?

If you’ve known me and been caught up with what I’ve been doing for the past couple years, you know that I was working on a project that I titled Talk Photography. It was an online website that I featured inspiring interviews with various photographers from all over the world (over 15 different countries), with the goal of inspiring fellow creatives and myself in my own photography. I turned towards building that into a magazine which I was hoping to start printing issues when the funds would allow. I worked hard at getting out the first issue of 100 pages, the first month. I put out the 2nd issue and then the 3rd issue. However that 3rd issue is also the last, I’m here to explain why.

Was the magazine Doomed? Did I run out of time?

The answer to both those questions is a strong no. The magazine was off to a great start in my opinion. I also have the ability to work on it and put it out every month with concentrated effort on my part. It was, as many said, a great opportunity for photographers getting started, it also reached many more people then many would think, in the short time that it ran. I had some opportunities and helped lined up to begin running copies in a couple others languages, which I was really excited to do. So why, as a friend of mine put it, ‘the 180° turn’? Why stop everything ‘that I’ve been working towards’?

I came to a big decision. To focus on a more meaningful project. Could I have still done Talk Photography? Probably! I probably could have, but I really wanted to concentrate all of my efforts and extra time on developing this one project. What is this project?

A More Meaningful Project

New ideas of something more meaningful had been floating around my head for a while now. This seems like a quick decision. But I actually already been thinking of something with more meaning in my interviews on Talk Photography, in my own photography projects and other areas as well. For Talk Photography and the interviews that I was working on, I was actually more excited when I could interview someone with a specific project, and especially if that project had a purpose. Within the mix of other interviews that may have been lost. But had Talk Photography continued it may have been more obvious. Projects that make a statement, or speak to certain people. For my own I was thinking of photography projects that could express how I viewed and felt about certain situations. To give an example I tentatively named a project that I was thinking of as ‘Struggling to Survive‘, I have several street photographs as well that I have already taken but we’ll save that for another day. The basic idea was to document the struggles of some of the elderly in Korea. Korea has an enormous economic boom leaving the older generation and much tradition way behind. Many older ones were not able to keep up with that change. Working and struggling to make ends meet, they farm, sell vegetables on the side of the street, or collect garbage and boxes to earn just a few dollars.

I had thought a few times that I wanted to document, video, certain situations and interviews about a certain life challenges. How the person got through tough times and took steps towards a bigger goal. Then one day I was thinking about it a little more, just visiting and  talking to a friend of mine that is living south of me about his journey into bodybuilding and I mentioned I’d like to do an interview about that. After concluding the visit I had an hour train ride back to Seoul and from there another hour bus ride, or more to get back home. The whole way I thought through the idea of building this motivational, inspirational project with video interviews and blogs that would touch on various aspects of life, goals, challenging circumstances, and more. I got super excited about this project. I then made a decision to make this my primary focus. No more Talk Photography, that I did to inspire creatives, but this project that I would inspire and motivate photographers, videographers, designers,  bodybuilders, athletes, their brothers and sisters, people struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, and the list goes on and on and on.

Birth of Everliving Dreams

I sat down and started brainstorming names. There are words like, goal, success, determination, motivation. I put some of them together and searched for names that could work. They are mostly all used with 1000 different variations and all almost sounding the same. So I started playing around with the word dreams. Dream life, dream job, dream car? The word works for financial success, doesn’t it? People use that word in those situations. But I also thought not simply financial, but in all aspects of live. Living the way you want, being the parent you want to be, feeling the way you want to feel and so on. Then came along the word everliving… What is that? Is it some fantasy? Is it a game? No, I thought about it this way. Dreams that are everliving, or living forever, they survive, not die. I’m thinking to start living the way you want and continue living that way on and on, everliving.

Everliving Dreams and Don MacDonell

Everliving Dreams is the platform that the project will be presented on. We can be found on the Website, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. This is where all stories, interviews and videos will be presented.

Along side Everliving Dreams I will have this website, Don MacDonell, online. This is my personal website, I will share my thoughts, opinions on Everliving Dreams projects that I do. I will share my own stories what I’m learning, what I’m doing day to day, how I’m building up the Everliving Dreams brand. I will also begin sharing my advice and teaching what I’ve learned over the years, and share what I’m still learning or will learn in the future. Right now I have plans to start sharing what I’ve learned over the past 5-6 years on website building, marketing, social media platforms like YouTube and more, learning languages and other skills that I’ve acquired. All of that will be here on this website with all official interviews and stories on the Everlasting Dreams site.

I hope through both I will be able to motivate, inspire and encourage you in what you’re working towards. Reach out to me anytime, I’m here for you here as well as through my social media platforms.

I’d love to address any and all of you questions as well, just drop me a line below!


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