Website Building

In today’s world in order to survive and thrive in the world of business or in creative arts among many other reasons, website building is essential. On our site, I’d like to go through everything you need to know in order to build and maintain your own website.

I personally recommend WordPress powered websites. It’s easy to use, it is very good for search rankings, and you can do most it by yourself without any confusing coding that requires experts. (By WordPress, I do not mean the .wordpress addresses through their website, but rather the powerful software that you can install and run your site with.)

Here are step by step tutorials and instructions to create your very own website and get it looking the way that you like:

1.) Buy a domain name and hosting to set up your site.
2.) Explore your Cpanel and Install the WordPress application there.
3.) Choose and install a Theme from the backend of your website.
4.) Explore the WordPress Dashboard and Plugins.
—— 4.2) Install the Jetpack Plugin for WordPress.
—— 4.3) Yoast SEO Plugin for getting your website in search results.
—— 4.4) Four More Useful WordPress Plugins.
5.) Creating pages and posts for your WordPress website.
6.) Increase Upload Size Limit in your Cpanel.
7.) Create your WordPress Menu.
8.) (coming soon)
9.) (coming soon)
10.) (coming soon)
11.) (coming soon)
12.) (coming soon)
13.) (coming soon)
14.) (coming soon)
15.) (coming soon)

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